Dazzie Dee feat J-Dee, LA Diaries

Music Video for Dazzie Dee feat J-Dee, LA Diaries.

Cartoon animated music video created in After effects. Illustration creative to create 3 key locations that would take place over the course of a day in and around the hood. Linking the location scenes with a lowrider Impala 64 and working in a loose narrative to how it goes down in Compton when you go looking for it.

Photoshop illustrations arranged in 3D inside After Effects. Z depth and cinematic cameras. Location performances taking use from Dazzie’s Donuts, the neighbourhood and occasionally diving into the trap-house for J Dee’s chorus moments. Ending with the Impala 64 driving into the sunset.

client: Geedup Records

artist: Dazzie Dee feat K-Dee

track: LA Diaries

producers: Beat Slapperz


directed: Graham Smith / Dazzie Dee (G Scope Prod)

edited / animated: Graham

illustration: Otis Frizzell

produced by Creators Create (Graham / Dazzie / Otis)

creative: electricpalmtrees 

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