Lisbon Kid ‘Album’

Art direction / artwork / photography for the debut album ‘Lisbon Kid’.

Lisbon Kid is Danny De Matos a Portuguese multi-talented composer, musician, singer / songwriter. With electronic beats coming from Rui Da Silva, the world famous Dj / Producer in House and Techno music.

The concept, the bridging of 2 talents. The meeting of 2 entities on the Ponte 25 de Abril bridge.

Hundreds of multi burst photos taken in a matter of seconds. The chosen photo (mirrored for the back cover back) has abstract Yin and Yang symbol running through it.

Commissioner: Danny De Matos
Record Label: Wall of Sound
Artist: Lisbon Kid
Album: Lisbon Kid

Art Direction: Graham Smith
Graphic Design: Graham Smith
Photography: Graham Smith
Creative: Electricpalmtrees