Mooji ‘DON’T’

Music video for Mooji ‘DON’T’

D.O.N.T. (Digital Oneirology Neuro Treatment) A futuristic Asylum Lab, volunteers are tested and analysed by the removal of specific words from there minds. The tests are initiated through visual projections to provoke emotions. They are the guinea pigs and anything can happen, pulling them out of there comfort zone and questioning what is real and what is in there mind. The truth could not be more made up if you tried, as the tests stop the reality couldn’t be any clearer if it was standing right in front of him.

A special thanks to my cast and crew for helping make this a reality, To Pete Moss for the amazing space at Waddington Studios, Elpida for your support.

XXL special thanks to Nicola Quilter and Nathanael Wiseman, without your help this would not have happened.

Commissioner_ Creative Commission
Client: Mooji
Artist_ Mooji
Track_ D.O.N.T.

Director_ Graham Smith
1st Assistant Director_ Nathanael Wiseman
2nd Assistant Director_ Vivian Richmond
Producers_ Nicola Quilter / Nathanael Wiseman / Graham Smith
Actor “Volunteer”_ James Dangerfield
Director of Photography_ Ewan Mullingan
Focus Puller_ Ben Smith
Camera Assistant / Loader_ Evan Trout
Light Technician_ Simon Battensby
Stills Photography_ Toby Clarke
Location_ Waddington Studios
Art Direction / Production Design_ Graham Smith
Production Assistant_ Elpida Magkoura
Editor_ Graham Smith
Motion Graphics_ Graham Smith
Post Production / Grade_ Electricpalmtrees
Creative_ Electricpalmtrees