NoOne (Noni Spitz / DAEONE) feat Focus, Protocol

Music video for No One, Protocol.

Shot on the outskirts of North Las Vegas, Nevada. Running up a stretch of a disused service road near Kyle Canyon.

Created using a GoPro strapped to the steering wheel. Performance and some interesting B Roll made for a great and uniquely shoot and edited music video.

VFX include bleached / flooded custom lens flares tracked to the car interior. Added to express the 36oc-38oc temperature we found ourselves shooting in.

Big Scorchio!


artist: NoOne (Noni Spitz / DAEONE) feat Focus

track: Protocol

Album: The Substance

Label: LNS Entertainment & Hoodtight


co-director / producer: Graham Smith

editor: Graham Smith

animation director: Graham Smith

motion graphics: Graham Smith

creative: Electricpalmtrees

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