Redcar, The Evolution of Steel

Video installation ‘The Evolution of Redcar’ part of the Salamander Exhibition. This 8 minute projection screened for 1 week, 10 metres high on interior wall at Redcar Steelworks.

The brief to represent the Redcar Steelworks plant and community.
I choose 8 subjects to explore. Mineral / Process / Industry / Workers / War / Architecture / Modernisation / Arts.

Mineral: Raw material / Iron Ore.

Process: Heat / Fire / blast furnace visual.

Industry: Created using elements from the Redcar Archive.

Workers: Archive photos of the Labour and their craft.

War: ‘The Beacon’ based on the true story. How a stricken plane during WW2 used the steelworks as a glowing beacon to guide the brave crew in safe.

Architecture: Re-titled ‘Worldwide’. Archive photography from UK, Europe and around the world. Highlighting key structures from the past century.

Modernisation: ‘A New Dawn’, Focuses on sourced copy discussing the future of the Teesside Steelworks. Presented as digital archive.

Arts: Re-titled ‘Today’ modern Poems on the subject of Steel.

commissioner: Salamander

client: Oskar Linnros

project: Redcar, The Evolution of Steel


animation director: Graham Smith

editor: Graham Smith

motion graphics: Graham Smith

creative: Electricpalmtrees

production: J6 Films

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