Re:works, Piano

Promo/ content for Decca Records, Re:works ‘Piano’

Electronic DJs remix classic piano works in innovative new chill out album. Each electronic artist has selected classical works to remix, resulting in an eclectic album of chilled out music.

Composers including Satie, Bach, Pachelbel and Debussy meet Dusty Kid, Third Son and Appleblim.

This album is the second in the ‘Re:works’ series, following last year’s ground-breaking project where the Decca classics catalogue was opened up to leading electronic DJs in.

Artwork layers in 3d space with animated matte reveals.

Assets created for the pre-release and out now content for each track. 30 seconds promo and packshot 15 second promo. Seamless loop edited to full duration tracks, for Vevo videos.

commissioner: Universal Music

record label: Decca Records

artist: Various

project: Re:Works, Piano


animation director: Graham Smith

animator: Graham Smith

creative: Electricpalmtrees

YouTube with Audio version

Seamless loop