Creators Create

Logo creative / design / animation for Hip Hop Collective, Creators Create.

Formed of Rapper/Artist/Producer Dazzie Dee (Compton/LA). Artist/Illustrator / Taco dude Otis Frizzell (Auckland/NL) and myself based in London/UK.

The brief, to create a logo that brings together our individual identities and show that geographical placement and timezone boundaries do not get in the way of our collaborative energetic force to make great audio / visual projects together.

The silhouette of Dazzie’s head, the abstract energy beams and molecule visual that represents the 3 points around the world and Otis’s bringing his hand-drawn graffiti tagging.

The animation creative brief… to fuse  the artwork elements together to create a fluid and energetic ident.


art direction: Graham Smith

illustration: Graham Smith / Otis Frizzell

creative: electricpalmtrees 

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