Audible / Audible Originals

Commissioned as Animation director / Motion Designer for these Audible / Audible Originals idents.

Put your hands together and then open them, this is the universal language for the word ‘book’ and for a book opening. The creative brief started with the V open, and using a light source that would build and move across the screen and reduce to form the Audible logo.

What you see is where we ended up. The light energy (the Audible catalogue) housed within a dynamic gateway. The source of the energy revealed to be beamed from the Audible logo.

commissioner: Ewanme
client: Audible
project: TVC ident

animation Director: Graham Smith
editor: Graham Smith
animator: Graham Smith
creative: Fold7

‘Orangutan’, Broadcast advert created by Fold7.




‘Temptations’, Broadcast advert created by Fold7.

other promos